PNNL Example Building 2#

This is an example building model provided by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The model is based on a Department of Energy Prototype Builiding model. Specifically, the DOE Prototype Medium Office Building was extended by creating unique detailed building architecture for each of the three building floors, and designing a lighting layout that complies with the ASHRAE 90.1-2019 energy code.

The model contains a representation of the building architecture and lighting system.

In addition to the s223 ontology, the model uses the Real Estate Core ontology to describe space types.


The model was created from souce data consisting of a Revit building information model (BIM) exported via a Speckle interface.

The Speckle view of rooms and lighting fixtures#


Model instance data have a prefix that is resolvable to a Speckle URL.

@prefix bdg1: <>

For example, the following luminaire resolves to :

bdg1:05749166d93671bedf16efb52636ce38 a s223:Luminaire



Model Components#