Example Building 1 model 2#

Example Building 1 is a simplistic, reference tiny office building consisting of a single story with 5 rooms spanning 5 space types.

This reference building was developed for and first described in the journal article “Metadata Schemas and Ontologies for Building Energy Applications: A Critical Review and Use Case Analysis”.

This example Building 1 model 2 is provided by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. See also Building 1 model 1 for a different modeling approach for the same building.

Schematic view#



The model contains a representation of the building architecture and electrical/lighting system.

In addition to the s223 ontology, the model uses the Real Estate Core ontology to describe space types. The Real Estate Core ontology is extended by defining 2 subclasses for rec:Office.

recx:OpenOffice rdfs:subClassOf rec:Office;
  rdfs:label "Open Office".
recx:PrivateOffice rdfs:subClassOf rec:Office;
  rdfs:label "Private Office".


The model was created from source data consisting of a building information model (BIM) created using Autodesk Revit, and exported via a Speckle interface.

Speckle view of rooms and lighting fixtures#


Model instance data have a prefix that is resolvable to a Speckle URL.

@prefix bdg1-2: <http://speckle.xyz/streams/1fed8e620e/objects/>

For example, the following luminaire resolves to https://speckle.xyz/streams/1fed8e620e/objects/05749166d93671bedf16efb52636ce38.

bdg1:05749166d93671bedf16efb52636ce38 a s223:Luminaire



Model Components#